Mysore Style

Mysore is the traditional way of learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. It is open to all levels, from absolute beginners to more experienced practitioners, as the class is not led but taught in a self-practice environment. This type of environment supports each individual to work in his or her full capacity as they learn the Ashtanga sequence at their own pace.

The practitioners are encouraged to develop a personal practice through repetition and memory. The teacher’s role is to cater to each practitioner’s individual needs, providing them guidance and adjustments when necessary. Furthermore, new possess are given as practitioners gain stamina, physical strength, flexibility and focus.

As daunting as a Mysore class may seem, it is one of the safest ways to learn Ashtanga yoga since it is taught in a step by step sequence that is repeated until the practitioner is comfortable enough to progress.

Led Primary Series

A guided or led class is an important compliment to a regular Mysore practice for both new and experienced students. It is an opportunity to learn the correct vinyasa and breathing in the Ashtanga Primary Series sequence.

Private Lessons

Group, semi-private and private yoga classes are made available upon request. For further information, please contact Jordan at